Upcoming Events...

Children and Adult Events...

SIS-Q Meadows Seekers Camp
We will be having a Seekers Camp August 3 to 8, for children ages 8-12. Please email seekerscampers@yahoo.com or go to seekerscampers.org for more info.
Senior Adult Retreat
Theme "Forever" Friends
On September 22 through 26, there will be a senior adult retreat hosted at SIS-Q Meadows. The total cost is $158.50, or for a partial stay: $15/night or $10/day, plus $8.50/Meal and $5 admin fee. Please contact Martha Ling: (503) 871-4132, or Jan Pedersen-Shibley: (503) 931-8669 for more info.
BBQ Fellowship Lunch!
Join us after church on August 7 for a BBQ lunch in our backyard! All are welcome to stay and bring a friend!

Youth Events

SIS-Q Meadows Senior Youth Camp
Teens ages 13-18 are welcome to attend our annual SIS-Q Meadows Youth camp. It will be July 25- August 1, 2021. Register before June 30th for $50.00 off. Contact us for a registration packet and more information!